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ACOA: a support group to help individuals who desire to recover from the effects of growing up in an alcoholic family. 
Al-Anon: a 12-step support group to help family and friends recover from the effects of someone else’s drinking.
All Pathways to Recovery: The All Pathways to Recovery meeting is an open discussion meeting that welcomes every path in recovery.
Big Book Meeting: a 12-step discussion Big Book meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Community Meeting: an open meeting at which we welcome members to bring ideas to the community; it’s a great way to get involved with the goings on at A New Way.
Creative Minds Inspire: Creative Minds Inspire is a group to encourage people to express their creative sides and discover how healing and enlightening it can be.
Double Winners (AA/Al-Anon): a combined AA meeting and Al-Anon meeting, which is a 12-step support group for loved ones of someone who suffers with addiction.
Fit 2 Recover: a fun, supportive, and challenging way to help enhance the mind/body connector through physical activity and wellness planning.
Ideas Worth Spreading: a discussion based on a 5-20 minute TED talk video we will watch at the start of the group. For more info go to
Healthy Connections: Men and Woman who are currently in substance abuse recovery, learning to nurture ourselves so we can nurture others.
Healing the Soul of a Woman: how to overcome your emotional wounds.
It’s in the Book: an open discussion AA meeting.
Learn to Cope: Learn to Cope offers peer-support, education, resources, and HOPE for families dealing with addiction and recovery.
Men Only – Life Recovery Bible Study: a fellowship of men seeking true freedom in recovery through building a relationship with Jesus.
NA Meeting: Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step fellowship for anyone who struggles with the disease of addiction. Alone we can’t; together we can; one day at a time.
NAMI/Dual Diagnostic Support Group: this is a recovery support group for those of us that are suffering from an alcohol/drug problem and a mental health diagnosis.
Nurturing Program: women learn to nurture themselves so they are better prepared to nurture others.
Nutrition & Education: this group provides valuable information regarding nutritional wellness, as well as delicious food, for A New Way members.
Off Your Duff: this is a group to get people interested in their overall health; a 40 minute power walk with a 20 minute stretch.
Open Sources Recovery: discussion of the linkage between all recovery practices and approaches including mindfulness, Buddhism, 12-step, spirituality, CBT and more.
Outreach Meeting: share your ideas on ho we can best serve our community.
Overcoming Negative Thoughts: a discussion group based on Dr. David Burns’ book “Powerful Healing Tools”.
Paint Night: a really fun guided painting session, which is a great way to explore your creative side.
Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist approach to recovering from addictions of all kinds.
Relapse Prevention: a cognitive behavioral approach to relapse with the goal of identifying and presenting high risk situations such as substance use.
SMART Recovery: a science-based self-help support group whose methods can be used to alter any negative behavior (substance use, eating disorders, gambling, etc.)
The Sun Will Rise: a grief support group for those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.
Veterans Support: the Veteran’s Support group is a mutual support group run for veterans and by veterans.
Volunteer Meeting: the Volunteer Meeting is an open meeting at which the members of A New Way can discuss the different ways to help out at the center.

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