Healthy Connections

For Parents in Recovery


A New Way Recovery Center, in collaboration with the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services and the Institute for Health and Recovery, is offering the following group free of charge:


Healthy Connections Group     (July 2018)

Healthy Connections is a new curriculum developed to support families and caregivers in recovery from substance use, mental health, and trauma. The group will begin in July and will meet for a minimum of 15 weeks, covering topics such as Stress and the Body, Hope and Wellness, Recovery and Nutrition, Food and Mood, and more; group will be co-facilitated by a clinician and a peer mentor. 

This group will meet on Thursdays from 2:00pm – 3:00 pm at A New Way Recovery Center located at 85 Quincy Ave, Quincy.  Childcare is availabe on site.  


Women’s Group – Nurturing Program for Families in Substance Use Disorders Treatment and Recovery (June 2018)

This group provides a safe  and supportive environment for women who are mother’s who want to have positive and healthy relationships with their children regardless of who has custoday. The group is committed to ensuring that nurturing oneself is the first step toward nurturing others. This group will meet for a minimum of 15 weeks, covering topics such as Feelings, Self-esteem, Guiding Behavior, Communication, and more; clinician and peer mentor support is also available as needed.

This group will meet on Thursdays from 5:30pm – 7:00pm at A New Way located at 85 Quincy Ave, Quincy. We invite children as childcare is available and a family style meal will be offered at the beginning of the group.  



Who can attend?

Parents in recovery with children regardless of custody who are looking for support, connections and resources.


How do I join?

Contact Lee Stout at 617-302-3287 for more information on how to join the groups.

Why should I join?

To make new connections with other women or parents/caretakers.